CHEMISTRY 125 / Freshman Organic Chemistry

Spring 2011

Text:    We will rely on the Chem 125 webpage and on our Wiki at ClassesV2

    As in the fall term no text is required.  The text you were given in the fall term should be an adequate supplement to the powerpoints, lecture recordings, webpage, and wiki, but if you'd feel more comfortable possessing the text we used a year ago, it was M. Jones, Jr., and S. A. Fleming, Organic Chemistry (4th Edition).

Instructor: Prof. J. M. McBride
Office Hours: Thursday 1-2:30, or by appointment

Graduate Student TAs

Peer Tutors

TA Discussion Sections: 
7-9 PM Monday in WLH 114 (Phillip)
PM Thursday in WLH 114 (Jon)
 3-5 PM Sunday WLH 117  (Eva, Jack, Julia)

Contact TAs for other help sessions at times to be arranged. Such sessions work best when at least 3 students participate.

Exams & Grading

Exam Dates:

Wednesday, February 2 (Lectures 38-46); Monday, February 28 (Lectures 47-55); Wednesday, April 6 (Lectures 56-65) 

Final Friday May 6 (9 AM)  (all lectures - particularly 66-75)

Course Grade: Based on 300 points for the three hour examinations, 300 points for the three-hour final examination In borderline cases faithfulness in completing and submitting problem sets will be considered.

If you must miss an examination contact Prof. McBride as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements. If you can't reach him, contact a graduate student TA.

See also the Chem 125 Homepage